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The syllabus will cover:

  • The principles of construction and their evolution though to zero carbon standards. Identification of defects and methods of improvement in existing properties.
  • The influences housing has on health. Identification of hazards in the room and health related statistics. Development and implementation of the housing health ands safety rating system including legal options and determination of the most satisfactory course of action.
  • Defining a House in Multiple Occupation, determining the variation in risk between single and multi occupied dwellings. Critically assessing the benefits of licencing for high risk properties.
  • A detailed understanding of the legislation, guidance and policy which  regulates/influences the safety and quality housing in the UK.
  • Evaluate and collating information in relation to regeneration schemes, creating and evaluating various options to tackle problems identified in such schemes, then appraising the most suitable for application. The delivery of strategies regarding area renewal and financial support for private sector housing.

Course Director

Ellis Turner


On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the complex relationship between housing and health, and through this recognise how social, political and economic factors combine to bring about poor housing standards in a range of types of housing and housing tenure.
  • Evaluate and reflect upon the risks associated with housing defects and deficiencies, and determine the intervention that is the most satisfactory course of action.
  • Comprehend the problems of multi-occupied housing.
  • Critically understand continuing evolution of building components with respect to improvements in health and carbon reduction.
  • Determine and reflect upon the criteria for successful area renewal or improvement could be considered to remedy housing, social and environmental problems including effective consultation and evaluation.


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