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Public Health Policy and Politics

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19-20 Accredited 15 credits



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  • Role of political science, political ideologies and value systems in the development of public health
  • Welfare regimes, healthcare systems and healthcare financing
  • Multi-sectoral public health: planning, transport, energy, housing, media and culture
  • Public health governance, institutional structures and workforce in the context of globalisation
  • Professionals and public involvement in the public health policy process (SUs, citizens, consumers)
  • Role of commerce, industry and philanthropy in public health interventions
  • Civil society, social movements, faith-based movements and community development in public health
  • Political conflict, activism and bio-terrorism
  • Frameworks for policy analysis and understanding the policy process, including application of sociological theories of power
  • Conventional and alternative perspectives on the policy process
  • Use of evidence and evaluation in the policy process
  • Policy networks and policy transfer
  • Theories and case studies of development, social change and policy reform
  • Sustainable development and environmentalism


Public Health Policy and Politics will be delivered using a mixture of scheduled and independent learning techniques. These may include; lectures, seminars, case study reviews, group discussions, tutorials, hours engaged with essential reading, seminar preparation and assignment completion.

Technology enhanced learning will supplement taught sessions to enable you to access various learning materials via Blackboard.

Learning and Teaching

You will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between political science and public health policy in a range of contexts
  • Demonstrate a theoretical understanding of the public health policy process and different conceptual approaches to policy analysis
  • Critically analyse the complex interdependency between the organisational, economic, social, ideological factors in public health policy
  • Demonstrate a capacity to translate theory and policy analysis into practical strategies and action to implement public health policy
  • Critically reflect on your professional knowledge and competence in working with policy
  • Manage your own learning using a full range of resources and to select and manage information competently


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15 credit, Masters level module

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