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Enhancing Nuclear Medicine Practice

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The production of a 1,500 word equivalent cognitive map and a 3,000 word portfolio of discussion board extracts will demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes.

Careers/further study

This module contributes towards MSc Nuclear Medicine.


The course syllabus typically covers:

Data Acquisition and Processing

  • The optimal use of imaging parameters and technological advancements within current Nuclear Medicine practice
  • Consideration as to the values of various data acquisition and image processing techniques
  • Introduction to 3D reconstruction algorithms

Nuclear Medicine Strategic Developments

  • The importance of planned preventative maintenance within the Nuclear Medicine environment
  • An introduction to equipment procurement
  • Awareness of the optimal running of a modern Nuclear Medicine department with linkage to current professional drivers
  • Consideration as to the importance of workforce development and support frameworks
  • Critical evaluation of radiopharmacy procedures, working environments, legislation and distribution methods

Awareness of Disease Processes Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Understand the role of Nuclear Medicine in the management of a wide range of disease processes
  • Consideration as to the level of knowledge needed by the Nuclear Medicine workforce to fully understand a range of common disease processes
  • Awareness of the developing nature of Nuclear Medicine and how such development may influence current patient pathways
  • Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine and the use of Nuclear Medicine in planning, treatment and monitoring regimes
  • Enhancement of understanding associated with radiation dosimetry

Advancing Aspects of Nuclear Medicine Practice

  • Future developments within the field of Nuclear Medicine/molecular imaging
  • Future considerations related to developing radioisotope tracers /radiopharmaceutical shortages
  • Consideration as to the developing role of the Nuclear Medicine Practitioner
  • Consideration as to the use of other imaging modalities within the Nuclear Medicine environment

Research in Nuclear Medicine

  • Current research areas associated with Nuclear Medicine/molecular imaging
  • Evidence based practice and NICE
  • Current themes associated with service improvement in Nuclear Medicine


Course Director

Rob Stewart


The 30 credit Enhancing Nuclear Medicine Practice module has been developed to provide you with the opportunity to consider the current status of Nuclear Medicine services, and to appreciate a range of strategic and technological advancements that have the potential to further enhance the modality.

The module will include:

  • The optimal utilisation of equipment/technology
  • Awareness of the role of Nuclear Medicine within current healthcare models
  • Consideration as to the efficient management/running of a Nuclear Medicine service and discussion associated with future development opportunities and how these might affect the service, the workforce and importantly the patient.

On successful completion of this level 7 module, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the emerging aspects of Nuclear Medicine in relation to clinical technique, professional practice and impact on patient outcome
  • Understand the role of Nuclear Medicine in the management of a wide range of disease processes
  • Critically evaluate current technological advancements (both hardware and software) and consider their relevance to modern Nuclear Medicine practice
  • Appreciate modern processing/image reconstruction techniques and consider their implications in relation to diagnostic accuracy
  • Critically evaluate the organisation and managerial structure of a modern Nuclear Medicine department
  • Process and manipulate images in the clinical environment in a critical manner and discuss the clinical implications of various data processing techniques
  • Critically evaluate the requirements of modern radiopharmaceuticalproduction including various distribution methods
  • Appreciate the importance of strategic planning and preventative maintenance techniques within the current Nuclear Medicine environment
  • Display awareness of current professional drivers associated with patient waiting times and highlight how these might influence the organisation of modern patient scheduling systems
  • Evaluate multidisciplinary aspects of clinical nuclear medicine practice and the necessity for holistic patient centred care
  • Discuss the importance of current training requirements for the Nuclear Medicine workforce
  • Critically evaluate contemporary research and evidence-based practice within the modern Nuclear Medicine environment
  • Appreciate the clinical value of advancing Nuclear Medicine technology in relation to patient prognosis
  • Consider the value of clinical mentorship and workforce development within modern nuclear medicine practice
  • Demonstrate problem solving skills and an ability to work within a multidisciplinary team
  • Prepare written statements and engage in professional debate following research into specified areas of nuclear medicine practice.

Key Facts

This module is taught using distance learning.

Learning and Teaching

The learning and teaching strategy for this level 7 (Masters level) module has been developed to provide you with the opportunity to consider the current status of Nuclear Medicine services and to appreciate a range of strategic and technological advancements that have the potential to further enhance the modality.

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30 credit level 7 module

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