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Physician Associates

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Working and Leading in Teams

The course objectives for Working and Leading in Teams include:

  • exploring different approaches to team development and sustainability
  • identifying your role in developing an effective team
  • describing methods of maintaining an effective clinical team, and recognise when they are not effective
  • identifying different strategies for leadership
  • recognising a leadership style to use in your workplace.

The programme highlights for Working and Leading in Teams include:

  • an introduction to the principles of team development and sustainability
  • leadership styles
  • how to adapt your own style to the demands of your environment
  • how to maximise your potential in the workplace.

Teaching in the Clinical Environment

The course objectives for Teaching in the Clinical Environment include:

  • maximising opportunities for teaching and learning in the clinical setting
  • planning for clinical teaching
  • identifying different strategies for differentiating learners
  • integrating a feedback model into your practice
  • describing how to evaluate teaching.

The programme highlights for Teaching in the Clinical Environment include:

  • identifying teaching and learning opportunities
  • how to approach learners with different abilities
  • effective questioning
  • good, effective feedback
  • how to evaluate a teaching session.

Course Director

Alexander Stevens


This Physician Associates Study Day, run in conjuction with the Royal College of Physicians, comprises two workshops:

  • Working and leading in teams
  • Teaching in the clinical environment.

Working and leading in teams

The first workshop is tailored to the needs of all physician associates, regardless of specialty, who work in clinical teams.

The ever-changing nature and demand of the healthcare workforce can present a challenge to effective teamwork, development and most importantly patient care. Physician associates are well placed to recognise and positively influence these challenges, for example when there is regular turnover of staff. This workshop will explore your current team structure and function, and suggest how you can maximise its performance.

By identifying different theories and methods including leadership styles, we aim to equip you with practical ideas to utilise in your own workplace.

Teaching in the clinical environment

This second workshop for physician associates with an interest in teaching will provide you with practical suggestions to maximise the learning opportunities for your learners, and to address any common challenges.

Finding time to teach against a backdrop of high-demand service provision can be challenging. A diverse group of learners, both undergraduate and postgraduate across a range of professions, can add to the challenge.

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Physician Associates: Working and leading in teams and teaching in the clinical environment

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